Month: October 2017

2018 Officers Selected

Newly Elected 2018 Officers

President: Keith Jenkins

Vice President: Tim Myers

Secretary: Matt Ledford

Treasurer: Hilda Winkler

1 Yr. Director: Dean Francis

2 Yr. Director: Jeremy Jenkins

3 Yr. Director: Gary Holman

Thank YOU for the Support!

Thank You

We would just like to say thank you for coming out the past few months to our fundraisers.  With your support over the past few months we have been able to provide funds to\for:

  • NWHS Cheer Team
  • NWHS and NWMS Band
  • Sending Scout Troop 343 members to Ravenknob
  • Providing funds for our annual scholarship to WCC

Your continued support is welcomed and appreciated!