2019 Officers Elected


2019 Officers

President: Tim Myers

Vice President: Matt Ledford

Secretary: Keith Jenkins

Treasurer: Hilda Winkler

1 Yr. Director: Jeremy Jenkins

2 Yr. Director: Gary Holman

3 Yr. Director: Greg Martin

Thank You!

Thank You

We would just like to say thank you for coming out the past few months and supporting our BBQ fundraisers.  With your support we have been able to provide funds to\for:

  • Mulberry Elementary Snack Program
  • Sending Scout Troop 343 members to Ravenknob
  • Providing funds for our annual scholarship to WCC

Your continued support is welcomed and appreciated!

Gilmer Rhoades (1927-2017)


Our club lost a highly respected and beloved member yesterday. There simply are not enough words to describe all that Gilmer Rhoades meant to our organization. His 48+ years of service to our club made a big impact on our community. He set a standard of hard work and dedication that few could match. Thank you Gilmer!  Please remember his family in your thoughts and prayers during this time.